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Why should you choose Delphi DPFs?

:: Delphi is one of the largest OEM parts manufacturers in the world.
:: Delphi is at the leading edge of common rail diesel technology.
:: Delphi offers a 1 year 40,000 K warranty.
:: Delphi have a large and growing application range.
:: Stainless steel construction of the DPF body.
:: Delphi only use Silicone Carbide (SiC) filter construction:
:: :: SiC has a higher melting point at 2700 degrees C as opposed to 1200 degrees C Cordierite.
:: :: SiC (also known as Carborundum) is physically harder and stronger than the cheaper Cordierite ceramic material.
:: Precious metal (Palladium, Platinum etc) washed filters where applicable.
:: :: reduces regeneration temperatures from 600 to 400 degrees C.
:: Delphi provide fitting kits, included where applicable.
:: Access, if required, to global technical support.
:: Proudly distributed by DPF Sales Australia.