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November 7, 2018 Char Lee
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“NO SOOT!” – OWN A DIESEL CAR MANUFACTURED AFTER 2001 ? Your engine features a device called a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Manufacturers introduced them to help diesel cars pass increasingly tough emissions tests. The DPF does the job by trapping soot particles produced through the burning of diesel, and prevents them from entering the atmosphere.


However, like any filter, DPFs become clogged after so many kilometres. Whilst this is an obvious flaw, and may result in the hassle of a breakdown and a potentially costly repair bill, DPF SALES AUSTRALIA has your correct Filter, on the shelf and at the best possible price.

Welcome to the official blog for DPF Sales Australia. This blog is not a Forum it is primarily an information, education and technical reference guide.

What is a DPF?

A Diesel Particulate Filter, hereafter referred to as a DPF,  is part of an exhaust system and is an integral part of Common Rail Diesel injection systems on modern day motor vehicles. A DPF filters soot and other by products of combustion preventing them from release into the air we breathe. A DPF, in conjunction with the vehicle ECU also converts the soot by product to less harmful ash.

Owner Warnings!

A DPF is NOT owner serviceable/replaceable! DPF cleaning, maintenance, replacement and re-calibration of DPF equipped vehicles can ONLY be undertaken by qualified, experienced and equipped persons. Failure to do so can result not only in poor performance and/or economy but serious damage to the DPF and mechanical components of the vehicle. There are also serious environmental, insurance, warranty and legal consequences from incorrect use, modification or repair/maintenance of DPF’s. Strict procedures are applied and must be rigorously adhered to when repairing, tuning, and servicing DPF’s and vehicles so equipped.

Future Blogs shall cover subjects such as owner responsibility, maintenance, service, fault diagnosis, repairs, tuning, lubricants, additives, manufacturers’ warranties, etc.

Introduction dates for various manufacturers vary;

Generally French cars started in 2001
Nissan, Ford Alfa Romeo SAAB, Mercedes BMW Audi VW Skoda approx around 2005-2006.
Subaru 2009
Toyota Coaster bus around 2006
Toyota Hilux 2015
Isuzu Truck around 2005
Isuzu D-Max and Mux 2017
Full implementation of Euro 6 for light diesel in Australia was 2017

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