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11103 Euromax DPF to suit Peugeot 307 1.6HDi DV6TED4

11103 Euromax DPF to suit Peugeot 307 1.6HDi DV6TED4

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Delphi & Euromax Silicone Carbide (SiC):
Delphi & Euromax SiC DPFs are constructed using a Silicone Carbon (SiC) core. SiC DPFs take longer to manufacture and have a higher melting point at 2700 Degrees C. Where as Cordierite (C) DPFs have a lower melting point of 1200 Degrees. This means that your DPF is much less likely to suffer overheating from another system failure such as turbo seals, stuck EGR valve or leaky injectors. SiC is physically harder and stronger than Cordierite, which means that your new DPF is much more resistant to physical damage due to bumps etc.

Ecore & Euromax Cordierite:
Cordierite (C) DPFs have a lower melting point of 1200 Degrees C. This is double the expected maximum DPF operational temperature of 600 Degrees C.

** All DPFs are have a stainless steel housing construction, corrosion resistant with tough housing and brackets. **

Precious Metal Wash:
Precious metal (Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium) washed ceramic filter on vehicles that use a dry regeneration system for their DPF. This allows a much more efficient and reliable regeneration process and at temperatures around 350-400 degrees compared to 600 degrees C.

Fitting Kit:
A fitting kit is with all the necessary parts for an effective installation and even new rubber hangers, where applicable.

:: Delphi – 1 year 40,000 K warranty against faulty manufacture.
:: Euromax & Ecore – 2 Year Warranty under manufacturer’s terms.

Technical Support:
Available on DPF and installation precautions and procedures.

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