Do Used DPFs work?

Do Used DPFs work?

What about used DPFs? Do Used DPFs work? Theoretically, they should not work, however, in practice I do hear of people using them.

Ideally, they should be professionally cleaned before fitting. So why not just clean your existing old unit?

All cars and trucks log each litre of fuel injected into the cylinders for the life of the vehicle. The vehicle’s ECU then uses an algorithm to convert litres of fuel infected to grams of soot trapped in the DPF.

Then it uses the number of regenerations done to calculate soot to ash content . It then calculates the amount of ash to backpressure.

Then it compares this theoretical result to the actual reading from the pressure differential sensor. If they are too different then it will throw a fault code and turn on the check engine light DPF light. Eventually, it will shut the vehicle down to limp mode.

When you fit a new DPF you reset the calculations (data) back to zero or Day One. A second-hand DPF may be half full. However… You cannot reset the algorithm to half…. So the theoretical and actual pressure reading will be way way way out!


Charles Anderson

Thank you, DPF Australia

“NEVER DID I EVER …” is a game some might play; but for me, it became an experience when dealing with DPF Australia. Exemplary customer service cannot begin to describe my interactions with Charlie and the events of the last few weeks. I had an engine light that refused to go away and everything pointed to needing a new DPF, but Charlie knew better. He took the time to chat with me about the problem and said to look further into it. So, I did – but my mechanic couldn’t fix it; after 3 days the auto-electrician couldn’t fix it; even a factory reset couldn’t fix it. I was getting desperate and could have been an easy and profitable sale, a customer over 1000km away and ready to part with over $1500.

It would have been a tempting prospect to any company in lockdown – but not to Charlie! His exceptional integrity, expertise and willingness to help, went above and beyond anything expected. After chatting with me a second time, Charlie then volunteered to speak with the auto-electrician and ran him through some tests to help determine the problem.

And you guessed it – Charlie saved the day. And what did he ask for all this? Nothing. That’s right – nothing. This honest, ethical and trustworthy man, who doesn’t know me from any other on a street, didn’t charge me a cent. Never did I ever! Thank you, Charlie. Thank you, DPF Australia.
Respectfully, almost a customer, Geoff.”

It’s a rare animal, a Hyundai Sonata with a diesel engine, but the same solutions apply. We believed that at 120,000 km, it would be unusual to find a DPF issue, but the dealer and the auto electrician were not able to see the problem. Once we walked them through the diagnostics, we found was a split hose. We really do know DPFs and are happy to support and supply the automotive and auto electrical industries. Or not, if a new DPF is not required. Happy to be one of the good guys!

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DPFs on the shelf with Tech support to go

Shelves of Stock

If you’re an automotive specialist in Australia, post-Covid, there’s no happier sight than shelves full of shiny quality products right here in Oz. This is the sight that greets the team at DPF Australia Sales every day. Director, Charles Anderson, is probably Australia’s foremost Diesel Particulate Filter guru. That’s what happens when that’s when you talk DPFs, all day every day, and throw in a background of key roles with automotive parts, racing experience, and a keen interest in all things mechanical.

Diesel Commercials, Buses and Trucks

So if you find yourself working on a diesel engine today with a diesel particulate filter, the DPF is always immediately behind the catalytic converter.  Sometimes within the same housing, and sometimes separately (especially with older model cars ).  If that vehicle is an Asian or European diesel vehicle, light commercial, a Japanese light bus or truck like Isuzu, Hino and Coaster, Fuso and Rosa buses, it can come as a relief that someone can explain it in plain English;  is prepared to give you all the technical assistance you need and actually has the product right here in Australia.

Diagnostic Tips

Here’s another diagnostic tip, we share with our customers. A DPF is not really a complex part;  it has no moving parts, it is just a filter. The systems, that allow the computer to manage the diesel particulate filter, however, are complex.   It is easier to diagnose when we break it down to its simpler component system or individual sub-systems;  the pressure differential system, the inlet system, the temperature thermostatic control system, the EGR system and the exhaust system for leaks. Each one is relatively simple. We can explain in three minutes or less how to test the differential system, and so on. For more technical support, call us at 1300821877, or have a look at our website –

Mark ( father of V8 racer Nick Percat ) from Percat Automotive engineering in Darlington, South Australia Adelaide says,  “ I know with DPF Australia, we know we can trust the product.”  

Western Filters, from Blacktown in Sydney, are also happy to report that they use and trust our products.  Brendan from Exhaust Clean in Beenleigh, Queensland says, “Our preferred supplier is DPF Australia because they fit. “

Many of our automotive clients appreciate the wide range of quality big brands from Germany (Ernst); the Czech Republic (Bosal); the UK (Euromax) and the Chinese Ecore brand suppliers, which means often DPF Sales Australia can offer multiple brand options for the same vehicle.

Many tell us they are impressed with the friendly professional service, enjoy generous trade discounts, and that here at DPF Sales Australia, we have the latest models and releases, and that our same-day dispatch is a lifesaver. Says Charles Anderson, “ I guess that’s why we believe DPF Sales Australia is Australia’s best. “

Since 2015, Australia’s favourite DPF specialist is DPF Sales Australia. Test us out, call us on 1300 821877  or see  | AAAA Members.