4 Good Reasons not to tamper with your DPF

4 Good Reasons not to tamper with your DPF

Whilst Diesel Particulate Filter ( DPF) legislation may seem onerous, apart from less pollution, here are four very good reasons not to tamper with or remove your DPF.

1. It is illegal to remove or a PDF. It is illegal to tamper with the vehicle design, and voids Vehicle Insurance. Australian Design Regulations are contravened when you change the vehicle from the tested and approved designn NSW, individual fines are up to $11,000 and company vehicle fines up to $22,000 and the EPA are implementing similiar legislation across Australia. In NSW they are preparing legislation enabling active and retrospective prosecution of repairers who remove a DPF from a diesel vehicle. Roadside Inspections are starting and will pick up PDF removal or tampering. Additionally when it comes to selling your diesel, if your buyer wants a Roadworthy Certificate, you will find it will have to be put back to correct design, or it may not be able to be sold.

2. The vehicle may not run well. Without the DPF, a diesel vehicle’s ECU will not receive the correct sensor information relating to minimum and maximum allowable back pressures, which will result in error codes and probably the vehicle running in “limp” mode. Most “DPF Delete” businesses reprogramme the ECU or trick the sensors using modules, which can be costly. We often have customers report that their vehicle has never run properly since the DPF was removed or adjusted.

3. Diesel Particulate Matter (soot) can cause lung cancer. Older diesels are bad but Common Rail diesels are worse because of the tiny partical size that can be so small that the lungs lining can’t block the entry of soot particles into the lung tissue or the blood stream.

4. Insurance policy voided. If the vehicles emission systems are tampered with or removed then the car is considered by every state authority to be unroadworthy. The fine print on your car’s insurance will state that the policy is void.

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