Health Issues with Common Rail diesels ?

Health Issues with Common Rail diesels ?

With your common-rail diesel, you may experience Smoke; Power loss; Rough idle; Engine rattle; Dirty diesel engine oil; Oil use; EGR valve problems, and inlet system deposits.

Diesel fuel quality is important, so avoid the cheap stuff, and avoid using truck diesel in light common rail engines.

Operating conditions… If you do a lot of short runs, excessive idling, cool operating, light engine loadings, this will contribute to deposit problems in your combustion chamber, exhaust spaces, turbocharger, and diesel particulate filter.

Common rail injection systems are very high pressure and high temperature… sufficient to degrade the fuel, leaving deposits in your pumps and injectors, and lowering your fuel’s lubricating ability. Your fuel filter going black is a sign of this happening.

Sticking fuel injectors…

Your fuel injectors then stick and allow excess fuel which also results in engine rattles, carboning up of your EGR valves, turbochargers, DP filters, combustion chambers and more.

Piston ring deposits also form, which allows compression blow by pressure into your sump, and heavy soot contamination of your oil. This pressure is released via your crankcase ventilation system into your air intake system. This carries an oil mist which mixes with exhaust soot from your EGR valve, fouling your throttle body and choking up your intake manifold.

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