你好 Nǐ hǎo ! – from Automechanika in Shanghai

你好 Nǐ hǎo ! – from Automechanika in Shanghai

你好 Nǐ hǎo ! – from Automechanika in Shanghai.

Automechanika Shanghai 2023, is the leading trade fair dedicated to the automotive parts, equipment, and service suppliers’ industry sectors at Shenzhen World exhibition & convention centre.

A successful visit for your favourite Aussie DPF specialists Charles and Jackie; there to visit with the @Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, and to learn about emerging auto trends and innovation. With over 5,600 exhibitors to visit, they certainly got their Strava steps up ! Even the musical instruments were space age auto part creations!

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A TERRIFIC SMOKY 2023 CALENDAR for your workshop

Terrific Smoky 2023 Calendar

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DIESEL TECHNICIANS have never been busier

DIESEL TECHNICIANS have never been busier than right now! NEED A DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER ?? We are open and available*!

The best of GERMAN ENGINEERING – On the shelf now at DPF Sales Australia. Ernst offers a range of premium quality aftermarket DPFs ideally suited to prestige European cars and light commercials, with the accent being on Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

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On the road to FRANKFURT AUTOMECHANIKA 2022 .. The DPF SALES management team – Charles and Craig – are cramming some busy days at the world’s largest Trade fair for the Automotive Aftermarket in Frankfurt, Germany, to learn more about innovations, technologies and trends.  

This is the international meeting place for the manufacturing industry, repair shops and automotive trade. Like no other trade fair, Automechanika Frankfurt represents the entire value chain of the automotive aftermarket-  13 to 17 September 2022.

Pictured are Heidelberg Castle and Frankfurt. Stay tuned for automotive excellence.

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Automechanika Frankfurt 2022

DPF Sales Australia head off to Automotive Aftermarket: Automechanika Frankfurt 2022

Like no other trade fair, it represents the entire value chain of the automotive aftermarket. Automechanika Frankfurt will be held in its familiar format as the world’s leading trade fair from 13 to 17 September 2022.

DPF Sales will be there to learn, observe, and embrace new technologies; as we are always looking to improve our product offering and information for you. Updates soon!

Exhaust after-treatment – made simple

Exhaust after-treatment – made simple – DEA and DPFs

Diesel Exhaust After-treatment (DEA) is the name given to all the emission control devices used in modern diesel car and truck exhausts.

DEA can include Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Diesel Oxygen Catalyst (DOC), Lean NOX trap (LNT), Hydrogen Sulphide Catalyst (HSC or H2S), selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) in various combinations.

EGR systems are not considered part of this as they operate around combustion not after it.

Most manufacturers use a simple DOC and DPF combination while Volvo, MAN and others increasingly use an SCR with Ad Blue rather than the EGR System which includes a DOC and a DPF.

Sounds too complex?

A lot of technicians shy away from DPF work because they fear the complexity of the vehicles. So, we are going to only talk about what we hear every day which is DPFs and DOCs, breaking them down into simple subsystems.

DPF Filter;

It’s a ceramic core within a metal housing similar in construction to a cat, however, a DPF is not a “free-flow” device like a cat. Because every alternate cell is either blocked off at the front or the back, exhaust gas is forced to pass through the sidewalls so as to exit the DPF. Particulate Matter (soot) is left behind and deposited at the bottom or rear of the DPF’s cell. Over time this soot will build up and reduce the amount of cell wall exposed to the exhaust gas, so as to gradually decrease filter surface area and increase backpressure.

• Air leaks caused by damage, fatigue cracks or leaking gaskets etc will cause DPF malfunctions due to incorrect pressure differential reading.
• Damage to the ceramic core caused by previous overheating and melting will cause low back pressure fault codes.

Opinion: Because the trapped soot particles and ash particles are bigger than the tiny pores in the DPF’s cell walls they can’t pass. They are not soluble which is why I can’t see “on vehicle” DPF cleaners working. You cannot force the non-soluble particles through holes that are too small! The only way out is backwards.


The Diesel Oxygen Catalyst or “DOC” is the diesel’s equivalent of an unleaded car’s catalytic converter. Always positioned immediately before the DPF and in later designs within the DPF housing itself.

As well as it’s main function of critical to the function of the DPF it provides the necessary Nitrogen Dioxide necessary for combustion to take place within the DPF during regeneration. It also provides heat for the DPF, typically operating between 250° C and 300° C.

A contaminated, fractured, or melted DOC can stop the DPF from successfully regenerating.

Pressure Differential System

The pressure differential system measures the back pressure occurring in front of the DPF and compares it to the pressure after it. Essentially two rubber hoses which feed pressure from either end of the DPF and are connected to the Pressure Differential Sensor. The sensor is usually a small plastic housing with a rheostat that converts the air pressure signals into electronic signals for the ECU to read.

A failed sensor, will throw a code on your scan tool, but one that has lost its calibration, and is outputting low or high will not. This will either cause the car to not initiate a re-gen, or conversely constantly repeat attempts

• The hoses and pipes need to be checked for leaks and blockages.

• Another common cause of trouble that we hear of is the accidental reversal of the two hoses to the sensor with obvious results.

• Isuzu trucks are notorious for the pressure differential pipes clogging with carbon at the DPF end and so stopping any pressure signal from reaching the pressure switch to initiate a re-gen. Can you blow through them?

Temperature regulation system

DPFs usually have one or two temperature sensors (EGT) fitted which allow the ECU to monitor exhaust gas temperature and control the temperature of the DOC and DPF during re-gen.
250° C to 300° C are typical EGTs during normal driving with 600° C the normal DFP re-gen temperature.

An EGT sensor reading high or low will cause the ECU to misread the actual temperature causing , during a re-gen, the ECU to continue increasing the real temperature inside the cat/DPF to the point where permanent damage to the cat, DPF and sensors can occur.

Non-DPF Systems

Induction system leaks seem to be the most common cause of premature blockage and even melting. Intercoolers, their hoses, and clamps all can develop leaks.

This is easily the number one cause of DPF failures that we hear!

• Truck brands such as Isuzu use the exhaust brake to restrict gas flow when doing a DPF re gen. This helps to raise the DPF temperature. Is the exhaust brake closing properly?

• A faulty coolant thermostat can lower coolant temperatures. The ECU won’t allow DPF re-gens to take place below normal operating temperature.

• Leaky fuel injectors causing excessive soot production or even raw fuel entering the exhaust and burning in the DPF

• Leaky turbo oil seals causing excessive oil into the exhaust

• On many vehicles, BMW cars, for example, the glow plugs run on and off thermostatically maintaining combustion chamber temp, even one faulty glow plug is enough to block a DPF due to excessive soot production

• Correct vehicle-specific engine oil, not just “synthetic” or suitable for use with DPFs”. The oil must be exact or can lead to a blocked DPF within a week or two. Some vehicle types are more specific than others.

Tech Support

We offer free technical support to our customers, so if you have a DPF problem please call us at 1300 821877. If it can’t be fixed, then we carry a big range of light truck DPFs in Australia. Including Isuzu, Hino, Fuso, Toyota Coaster and Mitsubishi Rosa

Since 2015, Australia’s favourite DPF specialist is DPF Sales Australia.

Test us out, call us on 1300 821877 https://www.dpfaustralia.com.au/
We are AAAA Members.

DPFs on the shelf with Tech support to go

Shelves of Stock

If you’re an automotive specialist in Australia, post-Covid, there’s no happier sight than shelves full of shiny quality products right here in Oz. This is the sight that greets the team at DPF Australia Sales every day. Director, Charles Anderson, is probably Australia’s foremost Diesel Particulate Filter guru. That’s what happens when that’s when you talk DPFs, all day every day, and throw in a background of key roles with automotive parts, racing experience, and a keen interest in all things mechanical.

Diesel Commercials, Buses and Trucks

So if you find yourself working on a diesel engine today with a diesel particulate filter, the DPF is always immediately behind the catalytic converter.  Sometimes within the same housing, and sometimes separately (especially with older model cars ).  If that vehicle is an Asian or European diesel vehicle, light commercial, a Japanese light bus or truck like Isuzu, Hino and Coaster, Fuso and Rosa buses, it can come as a relief that someone can explain it in plain English;  is prepared to give you all the technical assistance you need and actually has the product right here in Australia.

Diagnostic Tips

Here’s another diagnostic tip, we share with our customers. A DPF is not really a complex part;  it has no moving parts, it is just a filter. The systems, that allow the computer to manage the diesel particulate filter, however, are complex.   It is easier to diagnose when we break it down to its simpler component system or individual sub-systems;  the pressure differential system, the inlet system, the temperature thermostatic control system, the EGR system and the exhaust system for leaks. Each one is relatively simple. We can explain in three minutes or less how to test the differential system, and so on. For more technical support, call us at 1300821877, or have a look at our website – https://www.dpfaustralia.com.au/

Mark ( father of V8 racer Nick Percat ) from Percat Automotive engineering in Darlington, South Australia Adelaide says,  “ I know with DPF Australia, we know we can trust the product.”  

Western Filters, from Blacktown in Sydney, are also happy to report that they use and trust our products.  Brendan from Exhaust Clean in Beenleigh, Queensland says, “Our preferred supplier is DPF Australia because they fit. “

Many of our automotive clients appreciate the wide range of quality big brands from Germany (Ernst); the Czech Republic (Bosal); the UK (Euromax) and the Chinese Ecore brand suppliers, which means often DPF Sales Australia can offer multiple brand options for the same vehicle.

Many tell us they are impressed with the friendly professional service, enjoy generous trade discounts, and that here at DPF Sales Australia, we have the latest models and releases, and that our same-day dispatch is a lifesaver. Says Charles Anderson, “ I guess that’s why we believe DPF Sales Australia is Australia’s best. “

Since 2015, Australia’s favourite DPF specialist is DPF Sales Australia. Test us out, call us on 1300 821877  or see https://www.dpfaustralia.com.au/  | AAAA Members.

DPF Sales Australia agent for German engineered ERNST

ERNST-Apparatebau GmbH was founded in 1919 in Hagen, Germany, and supply vehicle-specific exhaust systems for passenger cars and vans and cover the fields of silencers and pipes, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, as well as assembly technology and repair solutions.

Ernst manufacture their products to provide targeted solutions in premium quality. State-of-the-art plant technology and in-production quality monitoring are further premium factors guaranteeing the durability, safety and efficiency of their exhaust systems and diesel particulate filters.

DPF Sales Australia is proud to partner with Ernst as their Australian agency for their premium diesel particulate filters.

The Symptom or the Problem? DPF blockages

We often tell technicians that a DPF blockage is just a symptom, not the problem. Remember your first day back at the gym? Well, it’s a lot like that. The sore quads are a symptom. The real problem was the months we sat on the couch procrastinating!

Often replacing the DPF, even with a quality diesel particulate filter usually doesn’t cure the problem, if we don’t fix the core issue. Every day, we speak with customers working through an exhaustive checklist before any money changes hands. We’d like to think that helpful and honest will win in the end!

DPFs may get an undeservedly bad rap from drivers who unknowingly contribute to the problems by not driving enough kilometres, and too frequently in city areas, where the engine doesn’t reach optimum operating temperature. Technicians will appreciate that a clogged EGR Valve will increase diesel soot passed to the DPF; faulty fuel injectors will send too much fuel to the air/fuel mixture and incorrect engine oil when servicing may cause Turbocharger failure with oil dripping into the DPF.  High mileage vehicles will also find regeneration harder.

Some of the other suggestions will include checking for blown, loose, or split inter-cooler hoses or pipes;  a leaky or blocked pressure differential hoses or pipes or faulty pressure switch. Your owner will more than likely have a trip computer. Error codes such as the DPF light or EML (Engine Management Light) will be the first symptoms of a failing DPF, followed by loss of power, hard-starting, reduced fuel economy and most likely limp mode. However, they may get lucky with warning lights that are false alarms and this is how they can try clearing the fault;

  1. Take the car on the freeway at the speed limit and drop down a gear or two to bring the engine revs up to 2500. Hold for 20-30 minutes. This will assist the car to do a passive regeneration.
  2. Drive Faster –  Plant the foot to the floor when accelerating to increase the exhaust temperature and clear soot levels.
  3. Increase the RPM for a prolonged period until the warning lights turn off. This will increase the gases going through the DPF,  clearing it and increasing the temperature. Naturally, avoid the CBD. Avoid slow traffic especially if you are nearing the DPF limit or the fault light is on.
  4. Use high-quality fuel. Premium fuels or diesel fuel cleaners include fuel additives that help burn off harmful particles. If you are in limp mode, driving at high RPM is your best option.  Once you have normal power, go for a long fast drive on high-quality fuel.
  5. If the issue remains the next day, get your error codes read with an OBD2 diagnostic tool. Initiate a forced regeneration for maybe up to 45 minutes and hopefully burn any soot down to ash. If the warning light continues to display, then you call us.

We think our claim to be Australia’s Favourite DPF Supplier is well-founded. But try us out and see what you think!

See https://www.dpfaustralia.com.au/

Call: 1300 821877

Email: enquiries@dpfsales.com.au

We think our claim to be Australia’s Favourite DPF Supplier is well-founded. But try us out and see what you think!